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Plastics recycling granulator Notes

date:[2015-12-15]    Hits: Plastics recycling granulator Notes1, granulation confidential will run forward; avoid reverse.2. Avoid cold granulator machine fasting operation must heat engine feeding operation, so as to avoid the occurrence of sticky bar (axle) phenomenon.3, granulator feed, put in iron and other debris into the pores is strictly prohibited. In order to avoid accidents, affecting production.4, pay attention to changes in body temperature, touch left the note with clean hands, immediately warming. Until sliver left the normal.5, the gear bearing parts when burned hand, or with the noise should be timely maintenance, and added fuel.6, when a host bearing chamber to burn both ends of the bearing parts hot hand or murmur to downtime and butter filling. When working properly, the bearing chamber butter once every 5-6 days.7, pay attention to find out the laws governing the operation of the machine; such as: machine high and low temperature, speed speed, according to the situation and timely treatment.8, when the body unstable operation, should pay attention to check whether the coupling clearance fit too tight to loosen some timely.