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Plastics recycling granulator use operation

date:[2015-12-15]    Hits: Plastic Recycling Machine is a waste plastic can be manufactured into a particular shape molding machinery. Widely applicable to a melting point (softening point) less than 300 ℃, you need all kinds of material condensed granulation. Such as: sulfur, paraffin, rosin, asphalt, partial anhydrides, stearic acid, maleic anhydride; phenolic resins, petroleum resins, modified resins and other resin products; hot-melt adhesives, synthetic soap, urea, additives, rubber and plastics co- agent renewable recycled products.
Its use operation:1, before the boot, first raised about four or five minutes. The temperature was raised to pull the motor by hand until the belt freely; the normal work rotation to pull eight or ten times in a row. Then continue to heat up about ten minutes, then boot, but to continue warming, because the normal production needs continue to supplement the heat; regulate different temperatures according to the different nature of the plastic.2, granulation machine is working properly, the machine temperature to maintain stability, not fluctuated. Put near the holes, the temperature should be maintained until the nose section about 200 ℃ (refer propionate material, B material).3, feeding should be uniform, and add a little. Loom eat feed speed and feed rate appropriate to tie. Otherwise it will affect the quality and yield of the particles.4, shutdown, host to completely cut off the power. Nose plugs (with wrench portion) must come off. Until the next time you use a separate warm-up before.