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Details BSF-400 Automatic Sealing and Cutting Machine

date:[2015-12-15]    Hits: Closure of all daily maintenance points to note:1, after the working day, the blade must use a wire brush to clean mold release agents, maintenance, moving parts must regularly add lubricant.2, blade contact surface that is silicone to protect, and if we find the outer high temperature burning cloth, should be replaced immediately.3, sealing and cutting blade replacement, loosen compacted seal cutter fixed chuck, remove the seal cutter, cleaning sipes (note not damage the knife slot, can be used to replace the lower section of the old blade as a cleaning tool), install a new blade placing the tank and pressed the ends of both ends of the fixed blade fixed inside the blade chuck, compression spring, screws.4, if the sealer can seal or sealing film cut cut ineffective, it is necessary to solve the problem targeted.